#StockMarket Failures #1 Process to win

                It is the hard reality that majority (over 95%) will end up loosing money in #stock or #commodity or #currency markets and only a few (less than 5%) emerge winners in consistent fashion. Thus, there are always two views about financial markets. One view will say, it's gambling and those are the people who have either lost money or mentally not yet ready to learnt about stock market/its analysis to make a bold attempt to be among 5% winners. Another view see positive side of it and finds #opportunity in #abundance because 95% loose money to give away to those among 5% winners and hence even small share of looser's money is big enough to make an attempt to learn the subject and become a #technicalAnalyst to trade effectively with proper #riskManagement. Such people challenge themselves and move in the direction of taking first step i.e. #learning before making second step i.e. #earning. 

                 Once again, it is observed that majority of people fail even to learn the subject effectively despite having all resources at their disposal. This crisis does not only pertain to learning about stock market but it is true to any kind of learning. We all have witnessed during our school days that a few students learn faster & effectively than others. Is learning a new subject a rocket science? Certainly not....Those who learn effectively are only aware of the right #process of learning....Hence, any average person can learnt effectively if he knows the process & he is determined to adopt it.

             Once, a person knows the process of learning effectively, he/she can always take the challenge to learnt all about financial markets to be among 5% winners. Let me once again emphasize that process of learning is the key towards effective learning......

                 Following video presentation talks about that #secret i.e. process of learning which might help people with burning #desire to learn effectively to be #successful

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